Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to attend the workshops or concerts?

No. All events outside of your private lessons are optional. It is a great way to make new friends, gain performance experience, and to learn from others. We highly recommend it! 

Do I study with the one teacher I was assigned to?

You will be paired with a teacher who will work with you for the majority of the time. The studio encourages outside professional engagements for our professional instructors, so having a sub at our studio will not be unusual.

My teacher canceled my lesson. What should I do?

Lessons missed by your teacher or unplanned studio closures will be made up during one of the two FLEX WEEKS around Winter Break or Summer Break. 

How young do you start your students?

It all depends on each child. We can determine during consultation if your child is ready to start. Rather than the age, we focus on the child’s ability to take in concepts.

How do I login to Online Lessons?

There are several ways! 

1. Go to the Studio Website

  • Then to: Student Login.

  • Student portal homepage contains a Zoom logo on your schedule.Click and join. 

2. Go directly to your piano lesson from your calendar. You will have a Zoom link embedded if your calendar is synced with the Opus38 portal calendar.

Can I just sign up for one lesson?

We can make special arrangements for one off lessons depending on studio availability. Please reach out to the studio for lesson rates. 60 minute or 90 minute lessons and coachings are available.