Lesson and Practice Chart


How much time students should dedicate to piano- determining your lesson length and practice time.

Let’s be upfront and honest about music time outside of your lessons. Parents say they want their child to study piano, but they may not realize the amount of dedication it takes as an entire family. My mother had the biggest impact on my home practice schedule and encouraged me on the days I didn’t feel like practicing. There were many moments of frustration, not only for myself, but for my entire family. Although piano study is in itself a solo endeavor, my music schedule affected the entire family; conflict with TV time, Mom preparing dinner, weekend plans, vacations, etc. Practice sessions finally paid off after several years of study. At that point, piano was such an integral part of my life, I was practicing for hours by myself. Once I discovered the joy of practice, the limitless world of music stole my imagination. Practice for me was no different than a captivating book that I could not put down.

I ask all parents and students to look at the charts I have created below (a combination of my personal experience and suggestions from research). They should serve as a guideline on the commitment it takes to study music. Everyone learns at a different pace but there are no shortcuts. I want to share with all of my students the value of hard work and persistence to a craft which is tremendously rewarding.

From purchasing an instrument, its maintenance, lesson fees, weekly trips to lessons and dedicated practice, I want all students to have positive outcomes. So much of learning piano happens in the home when the teacher is not present. It takes a special kind of person and/or family with passion and diligence to study music.


Sample guide on lesson length.
Suggestions only- each student will be assessed for the right lesson length during consultation such as:

  •  Student age
  • Student experience and ability
  • Your available practice time and/or ability to concentrate
  • Family budget
Student AgeStudent LevelLesson LengthPractice Per WeekLength of Practice Time
8 and younger (Beginner adult)Prep- Level 230 minutes4-5 Days15 min- 40 min
12 and younger (Intermediate adult)Level 3- Level 645 minutes5-7 Days30 min- 60 min
13 years and above (Advanced adult)Level 7- Advanced60-90 minutes6-7 Days1 hr- 3 hrs


  •  Practicing is an important part of musical progress
  •  The whole family needs to work together to achieve these goals
  •  Remember, you get what you put into it- consistency is key
  • On days when you are frustrated, try to remember your goals and why you started piano
Practice Per WeekLength of Time Per PracticePurpose of Taking LessonsProgressMusical Impact on Student
6-7 Days1 hr- 3 hrsPassionate about piano Participate in concerts Competitions
Summer programs Piano exams Piano festivals
YES*May major in music for high school or college
*Lifelong Skills
*Play as an adult *Musical events continue to be a big part of their lives
4-5 Days30-60 minutesLoves to play piano Participate in concerts Piano exams
Piano festivals
YES*Enjoys music and lessons *Makes improvement each week
*Develop positive self-esteem *Enjoy Music into adulthood
2-3 Days15-30 minutes“Just want to have fun”Not Likely*May hate lessons
*May not enjoy practicing *Not moving fast enough- frustrations when playing and performing
0-1 Days0-30 minutes“Just want to have fun”NO*May hate lessons and/or teacher
*Not seeing any improvement or retention *Low self-esteem
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